Sizemore has better approach after off-day

Sizemore has better approach after off-day

ARLINGTON -- Rookie Scott Sizemore went 1-for-2 with a walk Sunday, the day after manager Jim Leyland did not have him in the starting lineup.

The day off came on the heels of a three-strikeout game in which Sizemore was pinch-hit for by Don Kelly. Sizemore isn't sure if the day off led to a better approach at the plate.

"For me, it's just each day, what happened in the game," Sizemore said. "You take a few things away from a game like that."

Sizemore was told that Leyland pinch-hit for him Saturday because he didn't want him to have a four-strikeout game.

"I didn't want a four-strikeout game either," Sizemore said. "But I still wanted to bat right there in the ninth inning. I don't think four strikeouts is different from three."