Laird hopes to clear up arrest matter

Laird hopes to clear up arrest matter

DETROIT -- Tigers president/general manager Dave Dombrowski said Monday that he expects to talk with Gerald Laird shortly about the events that led to the catcher's arrest last week at a Phoenix Suns basketball game on an assault citation.

Laird can't say much publicly about the incident at this point, but he hopes to clear up the matter soon.

"It's been kind of a misunderstanding and a little blown out of proportion," Laird said by phone Monday evening.

According to the Arizona Republic, the 30-year-old Laird was arrested along with his younger brother, Yankees prospect Brandon Laird, after what Phoenix police characterized as a fight in a lounge at the U.S. Airways Center after last Wednesday's Suns game against the Celtics. The report quoted a Phoenix police sergeant saying that Laird and a third person interfered with arena security as guards tried to arrest the younger Laird following the fight.

Dombrowski said Laird left a message with him shortly after the arrest. The Tigers GM and his family were on vacation at the time.

"He placed a call to me and we have not talked yet," Dombrowski said. "I'm sure we'll be talking, but I was up to date."

There isn't much for the Tigers to do following the offseason incident. Laird lives in Peoria, Ariz., during the offseason with his wife and daughter.

Laird said he hopes to more thoroughly explain what happened once matters are cleared up.

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