Davis' delayed steal catches everyone by surprise

Davis' delayed steal catches everyone by surprise

OAKLAND -- Rajai Davis' delayed steal in the eighth inning was a result of a perfect situation.

"It wasn't a lob. It was kind of a perfect storm," Tigers manager Brad Ausmus said. "The pitch was close. The pitcher was a little, I don't want to say upset, but he kind of wished he had gotten the call. So he was a little bit mad about that, put his head down.

"The crowd didn't react real loud. It wasn't like there was a big roar that would make him look up," Ausmus said. "So it ended up being kind of a perfect story. I think the entire stadium put their head down collectively after the pitch was called. Except for Raj, and then he took off."

Davis said he'd likely put the move on the backburner for a year or so.

"One upside is we're on the West Coast so a lot of people slept through it and didn't see it," Ausmus said. "Everyone was asleep. Half the country was asleep. They didn't see it."

Rick Eymer is contributor to MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.