Inge practices acrobatics with purpose

Inge practices acrobatics with purpose

KANSAS CITY -- Brandon Inge doesn't practice acrobatic throws during pregame batting practice to be a showoff. He practices them to be ready. He has plenty of examples why, including a throw in Tuesday's 7-5 loss to the Royals that didn't even count.

Though Yuniesky Betancourt's grounder down the third-base line ended up being foul, it didn't completely erase the wow factor on Inge's throw to first. He essentially swiped the ball off the grass and threw across his body in one motion, firing across the infield to first baseman Miguel Cabrera.

It didn't count, but it made an impression. It's the kind of play Inge says he tries out.

It's something he had heard about other Major League players doing, and something he has done dating back to his catching days. He knows some look at it as showboating rather than practice, but he says he does it with a purpose.

"If everyone only practices basic plays, when [a difficult play] actually does happen, you panic," Inge said.

He hasn't practiced them as much lately as he usually does because of his tricky left knee, which he spends part of his pregame practice loosening up.

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