Everett roots for wife as games continue

Everett roots for wife as games continue

KANSAS CITY -- Tigers shortstop Adam Everett has been the star in the family since before he broke into the big leagues. On Monday, with the Tigers off, he happily took a supporting role to his wife. On Tuesday, he played the role of the nervous spouse.

While Everett was preparing for the final four weeks of the Tigers' playoff drive, dreaming of October baseball and a chance at the World Series, he spent the Tigers' off-day Monday in Tucson, Ariz., to support his wife Jennifer in the Mrs. America pageant. She won the right to represent their home state of Georgia in the state pageant earlier this summer

Not only had Jennifer never entered the Mrs. America pageant, Everett said, but she had never been in any pageant before. She only entered this one at the last minute after some encouragement from family and friends. Once she ended up winning the state competition, it became quite an event.

The national competition has been much more involved, starting last week in Arizona with preliminary events and community activities. Now, she has a chance to win and her husband is going through what he called a "wide array of emotions" after watching her on stage Monday.

"I was excited, I was nervous," Everett said. "It was intriguing. I couldn't believe how well she was doing, how well she did last night. I was proud. Just so many emotions, but it was pretty awesome."

He wasn't able to watch Tuesday's events, obviously. He had his own competition to worry about, batting ninth and starting at shortstop for the Tigers in their 7-5 loss to the Royals. But he hoped to follow the pageant after the game as the field of contestants whittled down to 10 finalists, then one winner.

He said he was surprised how outwardly calm he was as he watched her perform in person in Monday. He figured that might change Tuesday.

"It's so hard to describe," Everett said, "but I was so proud of her. She did great. She really worked hard to get to where she's at."

Jason Beck is a reporter for MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.