Dickerson back in booth after accident

Dickerson back in booth after accident

DETROIT -- Dan Dickerson isn't exactly mobile yet, but he's back on the air.

A week after the Tigers' radio play-by-play voice ruptured his left quadriceps tendon while jogging on the road trip in Kansas City, Dickerson was back for his first broadcast since the accident. He has to work with both legs in braces that allow for little bend in the knees, leaving him to get around on crutches.

But after spending much of last week in hospitals, including surgery on his quad Thursday in suburban Detroit, Dickerson was clearly happy to be at a ballpark again.

The 50-year-old Dickerson keeps himself in good shape, so the injury is a surprise. It was also very sudden when he stepped out of the team hotel, started his morning run and stepped on a curb as he crossed the street.

"All I can think of is that because I was [stepping on it] at an angle, instead of rolling my ankle, I went in and [the leg] buckled," Dickerson said. "And it was like, 'Oh, my life has changed.' I didn't know how bad, but I just knew it was bad."

How bad? Dickerson said he could hear the tendon rupture.

He'll have to stay in braces for several weeks. Moreover, he said, they're just as concerned about his right leg, because his injuries there were severe enough that they could eventually require surgery.

Right now, Dickerson is dealing with the new challenge of getting around. He worked his way down to the clubhouse level for his pregame interview with manager Jim Leyland, who called him three times over the past four or five days to see how he's doing, then back up to the booth for the broadcast.

Dickerson will do that for the rest of the homestand. He isn't yet sure whether he'll be able to go on the upcoming road trip to Chicago, Pittsburgh and St. Louis.

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