Miggy has some fun with ex-Tiger Raburn

Miggy has some fun with ex-Tiger Raburn

Miggy has some fun with ex-Tiger Raburn

KANSAS CITY -- No, your eyes weren't fooling you. Miguel Cabrera apparently did throw something at Indians outfielder -- and former teammate -- Ryan Raburn as Raburn rounded third base on his game-tying homer on Sunday at Comerica Park.

Whatever it was, Raburn got a kick out of it.

"Miggy's my buddy," Raburn told MLB.com's Jordan Bastian on Monday. "It was kind of funny, because it kind of messed up my stride a little bit, and I almost missed third base. He's always kidding around, doing something. He's just a big kid."

Replays of the home run show Cabrera making a throwing motion in Raburn's direction as Raburn rounded third base. Raburn wasn't sure what it was.

"I'll ask him what he threw next time we play them," Raburn said. "If it was gum, it hit me right in the neck."

Cabrera is known for joking around with opposing players, from ex-teammates to sometimes complete strangers.

"Miggy's a good dude," said Raburn, who spent five seasons with Cabrera in Detroit. "He just has fun every time he goes out there. ... But when he's in that batter's box, with the feel he has, when that pitch is coming, it's time to go to work. But he's not afraid to be himself and make jokes and have fun. He's a character. It was always fun playing with him and being a teammate of his."

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