Leyland will play all his starters in spring home opener

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- Jim Leyland remembers being a player staying at Tigertown in the 1960s and seeing nothing but Michigan license plates on the cars parked on the streets when he'd go into town. He'll been reminded of that when he gets back to Joker Marchant Stadium and sees bunches of Tigers fans around his hotel.

With that in mind, Leyland said he plans on putting his starting lineup on the field for at least the first few innings of their Grapefruit League home opener Saturday afternoon against the Blue Jays. He wants to give fans who made the trip from Michigan, and other parts of the Midwest, something to see in this early part of camp.

"I think it's good to announce those guys and let them trot out there the first day," Leyland said. "Maybe it sounds silly, but I think it's kind of neat. I mean, we are coming off an American League championship, and they can welcome Torii Hunter, and Victor's back."