Healthy Price ready for busy spring schedule

LAKELAND, Fla. -- Little more than a year after undergoing surgery for cancer and less than a year after having to pull back from a couple road trips while dealing with illness, Jim Price says he's feeling great.

That's good for him, because the Tigers radio analyst has a busy Spring Training ahead of him.

The Tigers will broadcast 35 of their 36 Spring Training games on the radio, after broadcasting mainly weekend games the past several years, and Price plans on doing all 35.

Price, who was part of the broadcast team when Detroit had most of its spring games on the air years ago, said he has heard positive feedback since the expanded broadcast schedule was announced last week.

"This is excitement I don't think I've ever seen before," Price said. "They just want to hear Tiger baseball. It's incredible."

Healthwise, Price said he has lost some weight since last season, but not the dramatic drop that accompanied his cancer treatments a year ago.