Kelly hopeful glove versatility helps earn roster spot

LAKELAND, Fla. -- Don Kelly is a non-roster invite to Spring Training this year, no longer assured of a roster spot. He's still a man of many gloves -- eight of them, to be exact.

He started compiling them as he became more of a superutility player in Detroit a few years ago. If he's going to make this year's team, he's going to have to rely on that strength once more.

"I've got a depth chart of gloves," Kelly said.

He has five different kinds of gloves. For third base, first base and the outfield, he has two gloves each -- one that's game ready, the other being worked in. His middle-infield glove is a few years old, but he plays up the middle so rarely -- all of one inning at second base last year -- that he doesn't need a backup. The same goes for his catching mitt, which he grabbed in Spring Training a few years ago when the Tigers began working him out there.