Delmon's placement in left Tigers' choice

Delmon's placement in left Tigers' choice

DETROIT -- Back home and with the designated hitter spot available to them again, the Tigers don't have to worry about Delmon Young in left field for the next few days. They're hoping the World Series lasts long enough that they'll be without the DH again in San Francisco for Wednesday's Game 6.

If that's the case, Young will be back in left -- and he'll still be playing deep. That's where the Tigers positioned him; it wasn't something he did on his own.

First-base coach Tom Brookens is in charge of the placement of the Tigers' outfielders. He said Young is more comfortable charging in on fly balls than having to backtrack on drives, so the club plays him deeper than normal.

It produced some interesting moments, such as when Young charged in on a fly ball in shallow left during Thursday's Game 2. But it didn't result in a misplay.

Young will be back at DH for Games 3-5. Quintin Berry started in left field on Saturday night and will do so again on Sunday with Matt Cain, a right-hander, on the mound for the Giants.