Delmon's comment not directed toward pitching

Delmon's comment not directed toward pitching

Delmon's comment not directed toward pitching
SAN FRANCISCO -- Delmon Young isn't known for being particularly quotable on a game. He does, however, have an occasionally biting wit.

When asked whether the Tigers offense suffered the effects of a five-day layoff after Wednesday night's 8-3 loss to the Giants in Game 1 of the World Series, Young spoke out with particularly sharp comments that generated some buzz.

"Offense? We were down 4-0 quick, so you can't blame the offense," Young said.

World Series

Starter Justin Verlander and the Tigers fell behind by four runs in the third inning after Gregor Blanco's diving catch robbed Miguel Cabrera of a potential RBI double, preserving what was then a 1-0 Giants lead.

"We were out of the game before we had our second at-bat," Young continued. "Didn't matter if we had two months off or we played yesterday. We were down 4-0 quick."

It was an odd statement from someone on a team that got to the World Series in no small part by pulling out pitchers' duels. The Tigers fell behind by two runs for the first time since Brett Anderson and the A's bullpen shut them out, 2-0, in Game 3 of the American League Division Series.

Manager Jim Leyland indicated he was not concerned about Young's remarks, considering it more of a self-defense mechanism to a line of questioning rather than a criticism of the pitching.

Young was back in left field for Game 2 on Thursday night.