Horton marvels at Tigers' path to World Series

Horton marvels at Tigers' path to World Series

SAN FRANCISCO -- Willie Horton hasn't been seen around Comerica Park much this season compared to past years. He wasn't going to miss the World Series.

"There's nothing like a World Series," Horton said on Monday in the Tigers dugout while Detroit took batting practice before Game 1, saying hello to everyone who passed by with well wishes.

As a hero of the 1968 World Series, Horton should know.

"The World Series today, I don't even have a word to express my feelings about it," Horton said. "It's something that's yours and nobody can take from you. Think about all the great Hall of Famers who never had the opportunity to play in the World Series. That's what makes you feel so grateful.

"It's tough now. Back when we played, you'd play and you'd win, and then you'd go and play [the World Series]. But now you've got the playoff divisions you have to go through. It's tough to get there. So, when you get there now, you have to appreciate it. It's a hard road.

Horton, who turned 70 last week, spent much of the season dealing with health issues, including a bout with pneumonia shortly after Spring Training. He's feeling progressively better now.