Leyland suffered gash during ALCS celebration

Leyland suffered gash during ALCS celebration

DETROIT -- Leave it to Phil Coke, in his finest hour, to still be a headache for Jim Leyland.

OK, headache might be an exaggeration. Nonetheless, there's a big scar on the top of Leyland's head that wasn't there before the Tigers punched their ticket to the World Series.

"I'm OK," Leyland said. "It was just Phil Coke pouring champagne."

How it happened takes some explanation. Fortunately, Leyland obliged.

"I usually don't go out in those celebrations," Leyland said, "but they got me, and I was freezing, so I jumped up. Well, as Phil Coke would do, he kept dousing [me with] the thing. Well, as he poured the bottle out, I jumped up and he hit my bald spot in the back, split my head open. Fortunately, it was just this big scab. He didn't slice it open. I didn't need stitches or anything."

Leyland tried to make light of it as best he could.

"After a couple more vodka and cranberries, I didn't feel anything," he joked.