Ankle injury no longer an issue for Miggy

Ankle injury no longer an issue for Miggy

DETROIT -- So what was the deal with that limp in third baseman Miguel Cabrera's step after he dashed across the left side of the infield to run down Mark Teixeira's foul ball behind third base in the fourth inning of Game 3 on Tuesday night?

If it's a sign that Cabrera's ankle injury is still an issue, it doesn't appear to be a major one.

"I think that it's still there," Tigers manager Jim Leyland said Wednesday afternoon. "I think it's sometimes just [a matter of] the way he has to move. Certain movements bother it. Certain movements don't. Or maybe it just flares up on him. He went quite a ways for that one ball because we were playing [Teixeira] on a shift.

"I noticed [the limp], too. I'm not going to rest him."

The last remark drew a chuckle.

Cabrera did not appear to be hampered by it the rest of the night.