No complaints about quick turnaround

No complaints about quick turnaround

NEW YORK -- The Tigers didn't arrive home from Oakland on Friday morning until the sun was coming up. They didn't leave for New York on Friday night until the sun had long since set.

Yes, the Yankees had the quick turnaround on the field, going from Game 5 of the their American League Division Series on Friday night to the AL Championship Series opener Saturday. But the Tigers didn't have it easy by any stretch.

They landed in New York around midnight.

"Got to the hotel about [12:40 a.m.], I think," Leyland said. "Tough go."

That said, Leyland didn't want to complain too much.

"I don't worry about the small stuff. That's small stuff to me," Leyland said. "At this time of the year, if you are playing and you are complaining, there is something wrong with you. We are still playing and we are in the final four. It is what it is."