Alburquerque impressive in handling conditions

Alburquerque impressive in handling conditions

OAKLAND -- The one perfect inning of work from the Tigers bullpen Wednesday night came from the one reliever A's fans were waiting to see.

The only thing quiet about Al Alburquerque's seventh inning was his actual performance. The crowd was not, especially when he was introduced.

"They've been booing every one of us," catcher Alex Avila said, "but I did notice the PA announcer took a little more time saying his name than everybody else's."

For a pitcher whose postseason debut last year was a Robinson Cano grand slam at Yankee Stadium, it's worth recognizing.

The same factors behind Alburquerque kissing the baseball in Game 2 might have been the factors that helped him through Game 4. It wasn't completely easy, not with a 3-0 count on the leadoff hitter, but he got through it.

"I knew he would come out and give his best," Avila said. "He's the type of guy who once he gets on the mound, he's oblivious to everything that's going on but the hitter. I don't even think he even knows who's hitting. So that didn't surprise me. I knew he was going to pitch just fine."