Tigers use caution with Dotel's sore biceps

Tigers use caution with Dotel's sore biceps

MINNEAPOLIS -- There was a reason why the Tigers went to Brayan Villarreal for the eighth inning on Friday instead of sticking with Octavio Dotel. And it had little to do with Villarreal's strikeout potential. It had more to do with soreness in Dotel's right biceps.

It essentially set up a quandary for manager Jim Leyland and Dotel: They could try to stretch him through the eighth inning knowing that a worsening of the injury could sideline Dotel for the rest of the regular season, or they could pull him and take their chances with their remaining options. In the end, they remained cautious with Dotel.

"I don't want it [to get] worse," Dotel said. "It's better to wait a little bit."

With Al Alburquerque on rest after pitching 2 1/3 innings on Wednesday, Villarreal came in and allowed two runs in a 4-2 defeat.

Dotel indicated he was fine to pitch on Saturday.