Leyland firmly in Rodney's corner again

Leyland firmly in Rodney's corner again

MINNEAPOLIS -- Jim Leyland was one of Fernando Rodney's more vocal supporters when Rodney was closing for the Tigers three years ago, trying to get Detroit to the postseason.

Now that Rodney is closing games this weekend for the Rays against the White Sox, games that could get the Tigers to another division title, Leyland is pulling for him again. The Tigers arrived in Minneapolis in time to watch most of the Rays' win over the White Sox on Thursday night, including Rodney's ninth inning.

When he saw Rodney's celebration, in which he simulates shooting an arrow into the air, Leyland enjoyed it. Of course, he famously professed that he had no problem with Rodney wearing his hat crooked during his time in Detroit.

"I hope he shoots that bow and arrow a few more times," Leyland said.

The Rays faced the White Sox again on Friday in the second game of their four-game series.

"You can call Fernando Rodney and tell him if he shoots it three times in the next three days, I'll be his cupid forever," Leyland said.