Infante feeling more comfortable in the field

Infante feeling more comfortable in the field

DETROIT -- Omar Infante said on Wednesday that he's feeling more confident and comfortable in the field in recent days after a spate of miscues at second base. He thanks infield coach Rafael Belliard, in part, for that.

"I've been practicing a lot in the field with Raffy," Infante said. "I'm more relaxed from being more confident in my glove and in turning double plays."

Belliard worked with Infante in 2006 and 2007 before the Tigers traded Infante to the Cubs. At that point, however, he wasn't the Tigers' everyday second baseman but a utility player. Second base, at the time, belonged to Placido Polanco.

The tip from Belliard that made a big difference, he said, was quite specific in regard to double plays after he had trouble making throws, and dealing with takeout slides became a glaring issue.

It was certainly an issue last week in Chicago. Infante took the throw from Jhonny Peralta and stepped forward, right into the slide of Alex Rios. It's not something he does all the time, and it wasn't an issue with the Marlins this year, according to Infante, but it was noticeable in that instance.

"Raffy gave me a tip to stay back when I throw to first," he said.