Infante hoping to iron out defensive struggles

Infante hoping to iron out defensive struggles

DETROIT -- They've been different plays in different situations, but Omar Infante's error total in his Tigers reunion has climbed to startling levels. His wayward throw on Thursday's double play attempt marked his ninth error in 49 games with the Tigers this season.

Dating back to July 24, Infante's first game back after his trade from Miami, no other Major League second baseman has more than five errors in that span.

The only concern Tigers manager Jim Leyland said he has with Infante's defense has come on double plays and the footwork he makes on his relay throw to first. He does not believe the error totals have gotten to him.

"It's kind of amazing, but with all these different types of double plays -- one yesterday was different than some other ones -- I think he might be a little confused right now as to which turn you're supposed to make," Leyland said. "And [infield coach Rafael Belliard] has worked with him. I think it's a little bit of a confusion thing, but he's fine.

"He's also made some great plays since he's been here."

Infante said Monday in Chicago that he felt like he was playing tight for some reason.

One scout who watched Infante this summer ahead of the trade said this week he never saw those types of miscues from Infante on double plays when he was a Marlin.