Avila passes concussion tests after collision

Avila passes concussion tests after collision

CHICAGO -- Alex Avila remembers hearing teammates yelling that he had room to make the catch on Carlos Santana's pop foul Sunday in Cleveland. Or maybe they were yelling that to Prince Fielder. He couldn't tell.

"I mean, we both were going to the ball," Avila said Monday morning. "We both were hearing the same thing, as far as the dugout yelling, 'You got room, you got room,' figuring they were talking to me, and him figuring they were talking to him. Unlucky play."

The play itself, Avila doesn't remember. Everything after chasing down the ball is a blank. He had to watch the replay to figure out what exactly happened.

"I was knocked out," Avila said. "I don't remember the hit or falling down or anything. I just remember when [assistant athletic trainer Steve] Carter was yelling my name."

Avila said he passed concussion tests Sunday night, when the damage appeared to be limited to a sprained jaw. If he had gotten through batting practice without trouble, he would have been available to pinch-hit.

Once he experienced headaches afterward, though, he was held out as a precaution. It was not known whether he traveled back with the team Monday night, and his status for Tuesday's game against Oakland is questionable.