Baseball remembers 9/11 tragedy, aftermath

Baseball remembers 9/11 tragedy, aftermath

CHICAGO -- The Tigers and White Sox, along with the umpiring crew, all wore an American flag patch on the side of their hats in recognition of the 11th anniversary of the Sept. 11 events, as did every Major League team on Tuesday.

For Rick Porcello and his family, it brought back a slew of memories. He thankfully didn't lose any family or friends in the tragedy, but growing up just outside of the New York City in New Jersey, he had classmates who did.

"It's a pretty somber day for us, as it should be for all Americans," Porcello said.

Porcello was a 12-year-old in middle school, making him part of the generation that had to grow up near New York under the new reality of a constant terrorist threat. Every time his father went into the city for work, he said, he worried about him coming home that day.

"I just remember for a while, just kind of going to school and kind of having a real somber feeling, not just in school but everywhere," Porcello said. "Being such a young age, I was so scared that something like that was going to happen again and that [dad] was going to be in the city at the wrong time. I think it just made everyone around there real nervous."