Garcia likely to only see time against lefties

Garcia likely to only see time against lefties

Garcia likely to only see time against lefties
DETROIT -- Avisail Garcia held his own in his first two Major League starts over the weekend, going 3-for-7 with an RBI against the White Sox. That's not enough, though, to force his way into the everyday lineup.

Tuesday's game against the Indians marked Garcia's second straight day out of the lineup, and it's unlikely he'll get back in until the Tigers face Angels lefty C.J. Wilson on Saturday.

Simply put, the Tigers have too many left-handed-hitting outfielders, all of whom manager Jim Leyland has been juggling to try to keep somewhat fresh, to justify giving a shot to a 21-year-old right-handed hitter.

"With [Brennan] Boesch and [Andy] Dirks and [Quintin] Berry and all those guys, I can't play him against a right-handed pitcher right now. That's just the way I feel," Leyland said. "People get carried away. A guy has a couple games and [people say], 'Well, why not put him out there?' I just don't think you can do that right now.

"I mean, if Boesch and those guys don't do it, well, they don't do it, but I think they'll be fine. Those are our guys. You have to remember, [Dirks and Boesch] are the guys that broke with this club. They were the guys we were counting on at the beginning of the season. They're still here, so it's hard not to count on them now. If they don't do it, they don't do it. But if you're asking some kid that came out of Double-A to do it for you, I don't think that's necessarily [going to happen]."

Leyland sounded reluctant to use Garcia as a pinch-hitter.

"You're a genius if you put somebody like that up," Leyland said. "You're an idiot if he doesn't do something when you put him up there. I don't really know. I'd like to stay away from putting a kid like that in a real big situation, but I don't know that he wouldn't be successful."