Infante motivated to improve timing after play

Infante motivated to improve timing after play

DETROIT -- Credit Torii Hunter with the hard slide on Omar Infante at second base to break up a double play and extend Friday's sixth inning for Howard Kendrick's two-run double. That didn't stop Infante from beating himself up.

"It's a tough play, because I catch the ball and see [Hunter] and throw the ball to first base. But I have a chance," Infante said. "If my throw's good, I make the out."

Infante checked the replay later to see the timing on Hunter's collision and when he released the ball.

"When I see the replay, I see after I throw, he [slid in] to me," Infante said.

Tigers infield coach Rafael Belliard saw the same replay, and the same timing. Though Infante got rid of the ball quickly, he released it so soon that it sailed wide on him.

Both Infante and Belliard said that he could have avoided the slide by running towards the throw and coming across the bag for the out. He'd be throwing across his body and against his momentum, but he'd have a clean look.

"I have to go to the ball," Infante said. "When I wait, I stay back. That's why when I stay back, it's hard for me to throw. Sometimes I have to alter my body."

That's a play he said he needs to practice.