Anibal not worried about his struggles in Detroit

Anibal not worried about his struggles in Detroit

Anibal not worried about his struggles in Detroit
DETROIT -- Anibal Sanchez has put together a pretty solid seven-year career to fall back on when he struggles. So for the right-hander, his 1-3 record and 7.97 ERA since coming to Detroit is nothing more than a small obstacle.

"I'm the guy who thinks everything happens for a reason," Sanchez said. "And I'm just going to use it as that. Just keep working hard, probably another bullpen to [work on] keeping my ball down, and hope for a good game on Wednesday."

Sanchez said he hasn't made drastic mechanical changes during his extra time off and hasn't watched too much film of himself to make those corrections, but he's working in the bullpen on keeping the ball down around the knees.

"We're working to pull the ball down. That's the key right now," Sanchez said.

Part of the reason Sanchez hasn't made any major adjustments is because pitching coach Jeff Jones didn't find the need for an overhaul.

"There's nothing major as far as delivery is concerned," Jones said.

Jones has been great at spotting small mechanical issues. He worked with Rick Porcello to bring his glove overhead during his windup, which Porcello has said helps keep his pitches down. He also assisted Max Scherzer with a small hand placement problem before his delivery earlier this year.

Jones said he had a talk with Sanchez about the pressure of being traded at the non-waiver Trade Deadline and finding himself in the midst of a pennant race.

"[I told him] don't press," Jones said. "Don't try to do more than what you can. I told him yesterday, 'You're going to be huge for us down the stretch. You've been successful and you're going to be successful again.'"