Spirit of '76: Throwbacks jog Leyland's memory

Spirit of '76: Throwbacks jog Leyland's memory

ARLINGTON -- The throwback jerseys the Tigers were wearing Saturday were a design that dates to their 1976 road jerseys. Manager Jim Leyland was coaching in the Tigers' organization, but not in the big leagues. He was managing a prospect-heavy roster at Class A Lakeland, where he had just been promoted.

There's a mark in the manager's office in the clubhouse there to denote his presence back then. It's a Ty Cobb picture with a tear at the bottom that has been taped up. The wound, and the tape that holds it together, dates to Leyland in 1976.

"[That] was the year I spiked Ty Cobb," Leyland said. "The picture's still there with the Scotch tape still on it. That's hard to believe that it's still there."

Leyland remembers how he did it, too.

"I was ticked off after a game and I threw my spike," Leyland said. "And it flew and got the Ty Cobb picture and sliced him up a little bit. ... It wasn't the smartest thing to do."