Leyland firm in stance against expanded rosters

Leyland firm in stance against expanded rosters

ARLINGTON -- In case you haven't heard it in previous years, Tigers manager Jim Leyland isn't a fan of expanded September rosters.

"I've been really adamant about that, really a stickler on it," Leyland said. "When I have that meeting with the Commissioner [as part of the special committee for on-field matters], I talk about that all the time."

Leyland said the committee talked about a rule change that would allow for expanded rosters in September but limit teams to a certain number of active players, kind of like the NHL's system with healthy scratches. That rule, however, never came into play.

"I was hoping they would do something like that," Leyland said. "Myself, if everybody went to 28, that wouldn't bother me at all. I think that's fine. That's just my feeling, but any manager who does a pretty good job of managing all year, and then at the biggest month of the year, he loses some of his ability to maneuver."

In other words, managers who play the matchups well from April through August suddenly have that advantage neutralized in September against a team with a deep roster. That's what gets to Leyland.