Not fan of Wild Card format, Leyland supports game

Not fan of Wild Card format, Leyland supports game

DETROIT -- Call Tigers manager Jim Leyland a lukewarm supporter of the new playoff system. He isn't a big fan of the one-game Wild Card playoff, he admits, but said he supports whatever works for the game.

During his pregame session with the media on Wednesday, Leyland was asked if he liked the new Wild Card format, to which he replied: "No. I do not."

"I don't really care what they do," Leyland said. "It doesn't matter to me. The one game is fine. If that's what they want, that's what they want. But I don't like a team getting into the playoffs then having a sudden death one game.

"Whatever they decide to do is fine with me because it doesn't make a difference. I'm not going to have any impact on that. My opinion means nothing on that. I was in on that discussion a long time in several meetings that we've had on the [Special Committee for On-Field Matters]."

In March, when the addition of a Wild Card team was announced, Commissioner Bud Selig said each of the 14 members on the committee were in favor. Leyland admitted he was not Wednesday, but added he's a huge fan of the job Selig has done improving the sport.

"I think it's a creative idea. I think the Commissioner's really done a fantastic job," Leyland said. "Baseball's booming pretty good. If you look at the paper today, they got a whole big thing on the teams for that Wild Card thing, so that's added additional interest. ... He's done a good job. I like him a lot, and he's done a lot for the game. He really has."