Wherever he bats, Boesch has support

Wherever he bats, Boesch has support

DETROIT -- Brennan Boesch didn't make a big deal of batting fifth in the Tigers lineup when he did it for 93 games two years ago. It's just the spot where he happened to bat, even if it meant hitting right behind Miguel Cabrera.

Now that Boesch is batting fifth again, this time behind Cabrera and Prince Fielder, he isn't making a big deal about it, either. Boesch's numbers this time seem to back that up.

"I really don't place a lot of emphasis on it," Boesch said. "Prince is obviously one of the most feared hitters in the game, so hitting behind him, it's a challenge, because obviously pitchers are going to be pretty careful pitching to Prince. You're going to probably come up in a lot of key situations. But in this lineup, I'd be happy to hit anywhere, really."

Boesch is 6-for-16 in the fifth spot since manager Jim Leyland flipped him and Delmon Young in the batting order against most right-handed starters.

"Wherever you're hitting, it's just what your role is at that time," Boesch said. "Being moved around, I don't place a lot of emphasis on it."

Boesch began the season batting second, in front of Cabrera and Fielder, before his struggles there prompted Leyland to move him down. He has batted everywhere from fifth to eighth since.