Leyland doesn't see turf as an issue for Tigers

Leyland doesn't see turf as an issue for Tigers

Leyland doesn't see turf as an issue for Tigers
TORONTO -- Detroit made its first trip to Toronto since last May -- the series Justin Verlander threw his second career no-hitter -- meaning the club will have to get used to playing on artificial turf for at least three weekend games.

The Blue Jays and Rays are the only two teams in the Major Leagues that play on artificial turf, but Tigers manager Jim Leyland cautioned against making any excuses.

Many teams that come to Toronto are forced to rejig their lineups, as the turf can be hard on the body, particularly the knees. It is even more troubling for veteran players, who are often times given days off because of the turf, or rotated through as the designated hitter.

Leyland doesn't see the turf being an issue with his squad.

"Our guys are pretty young -- [Quintin] Berry, [Austin] Jackson, [Brennan] Boesch are all young guys who can move around on the turf," Leyland said about his starting outfield. "We don't have many old guys. Sometimes the older guys have a little problem with it."

Leyland, however, said he can sympathize with some of the older clubs and managers that are forced to adjust their lineups.

"I'm sure it does happen, I have never really gotten into it too much. It does effect some people," Leyland said.

A big reason why Leyland doesn't put too much stock into it is because a lot of parks used to have turf and he said players didn't complain about it then, so he sees no reason for them to do so now.