With Tigers, Anibal could get first taste of playoffs

With Tigers, Anibal could get first taste of playoffs

CLEVELAND -- Anibal Sanchez figured he would be leaving Florida soon once it became clear the Marlins weren't going to make a run at the playoffs. Once his trade to Detroit went down Monday afternoon, it took him a little longer to get out than he thought.

Sanchez and Omar Infante were scheduled on the same flight from Miami to Cleveland to meet up with the Tigers on the start of their road trip, but the flight was delayed. Then it was moved. Then it was gone.

"They delayed for an hour, but they moved it," Sanchez said. "They left without us."

They caught another flight out, but had to scramble from Miami to Fort Lauderdale International Airport to catch it. It ended up being a situation they could laugh about.

Sanchez was a teammate of Miguel Cabrera in Florida in 2006 and '07. Unlike Cabrera in the years since, Sanchez has never had the chance to in play in the heat of a playoff race for a first-place team.

He finally has his shot, back with Cabrera behind him at third base.

"It's really good. It's an opportunity for me to get to the playoffs," Sanchez said. "It would be my first playoff appearance. I just want to do my job for this team."