Avila in lineup day after tendinitis diagnosis

Avila in lineup day after tendinitis diagnosis

ARLINGTON -- Alex Avila is probably going to have to play less than the Tigers would like. That didn't mean he wasn't going to play on Tuesday.

A day after Avila had his left knee examined and was diagnosed with patellar tendinitis, he felt good enough that he was back in the Tigers' starting lineup. Between treatment and the confidence Avila has knowing he can't make his knee worse, he was ready to go.

"He's playing today because he said he feels good," manager Jim Leyland said Tuesday afternoon. "They gave him some heavy medication for the inflammation that really helped it during the game last night, and today he said he's ready to go. I'll watch it, though.

"How much is he going to be able to play? He might not catch as much as we want, but who knows? I don't know that for sure. This medication might just knock it out. He might feel good for two months without any issues at all. I can't answer that."

In other words, Avila doesn't sound like he'll be on a schedule. Instead, Leyland and the medical staff will most likely go by how he feels.