Smyly turns to secret remedy to heal blister

Smyly turns to secret remedy to heal blister

ARLINGTON -- Drew Smyly grew up in Arkansas and lives in Dallas, so he knows about pitching in heat. The forecast highs of 105-108 degrees here for Tuesday don't scare him as he anticipates his first start in 16 days.

However, when he went on the disabled list two weeks ago, he said his blister problems seem to pop up with heat and humidity. He doesn't think it'll be an issue this time, because he has taken extra precaution to treat the left index finger where the blister popped.

He has tried the old pickle juice recipe that Nolan Ryan made famous. He has another treatment courtesy of Class A Lakeland athletic trainer Corey Tremble: He puts his hand into a bag of rice.

Yes, rice -- brown, to be exact.

"You just put your hand in it, rub it around your fingers," Smyly said. "It worked really well [last year], so I've stuck with it. I mean, it helps a lot. But my finger's fine, so I'm not worried about it right now."