Leyland still no fan of Interleague Play

Leyland still no fan of Interleague Play

Leyland still no fan of Interleague Play
PITTSBURGH -- Interleague Play is now in its 16th season. It's a part of baseball that many people appreciate, but manager Jim Leyland isn't one of them.

"People always kind of make fun of me, because we've actually done pretty good in Interleague Play," Leyland said of Detroit, which is 151-130 against the National League.

The Tigers are 10-6 against the NL this season, having won two of three games in each of the five series they've played.

This weekend's series in Pittsburgh marks the last time the Tigers will play the NL this year unless they make it to the World Series.

"I always liked the fact that the American League played the National League in the World Series for all the marbles, and they had never played each other," Leyland said. "I thought that made [our sport], you know, a little bit the exception. I liked that. I liked that about the game."

Even so, there are still some aspects Leyland, who formerly managed the Pirates, enjoys.

"It's been kind of fun for me to get back under the National League rules, where you have to double switch and stuff," he said. "It gives you a little adrenaline, I think, when you're holding that card and you've got to make the different moves and double switches."

Leyland is a big believer in having the same set of rules for each league. With the way things are, the NL has an advantage, because its pitchers have experience hitting all season.

Leyland is partial to the designated hitter, but he's not about to go campaigning for change any time soon.

"I've always said, 'Whatever's best for baseball is best for me,'" he said.