Young returns to DH for opener against Rox

Young returns to DH for opener against Rox

DETROIT -- With the Tigers back home and out of National League parks for the next six games, manager Jim Leyland put Delmon Young back at designated hitter for Friday's opener against the Rockies. He could stay there the rest of the homestand before the Tigers head to Pittsburgh next weekend and lose the DH for that leg of Interleague Play.

Still, don't expect Young to be an everyday DH once the Tigers settle back into American League rules.

"I talked to him about that," Leyland said Friday. "We've had different conversations about it. It seems like the general thought process is maybe play him a couple days, three days a week maybe, in the outfield and then DH him the other four or however it plays out if he's in the lineup."

Young went 7-for-25 (.280) with two doubles, a home run and two RBIs playing left field in Cincinnati and Chicago over the past week. He's batting .299 with seven RBIs in 21 games as a left fielder, compared to .244 with three homers and 15 RBIs in 34 games at DH.

Some of those games at DH came in the aftermath of his off-field issues in New York. Still, the stats would suggest what Young has indicated in the past, that he isn't as comfortable at DH as others might be.