Leyland praises Verlander's eighth vs. Tribe

Leyland praises Verlander's eighth vs. Tribe

MINNEAPOLIS -- The eighth inning Justin Verlander pitched in Detroit's 2-1 loss to Cleveland Thursday impressed manager Jim Leyland so much that he said it was the best inning of baseball he's ever seen pitched.

"We were talking after the game, a bunch of us, that we think that was the best inning ever pitched in a game," Leyland said. "I've never seen an inning like that in the history of baseball. In 49 years, I've never seen anything like it."

It wasn't just that Verlander struck out the Indians in order, it's the way he did it. Verlander registered triple digits on the radar gun, throwing pitches 100, 101 and 102 mph, but also managed to drop a nasty mid-80s curveball into the mix.

Verlander is 5-2 this season with an ERA of 2.15 and has 75 strikeouts in just over 75 innings. Verlander has pitched at least six innings in all 10 of his starts and already has two complete games this season.

The debate of whether Verlander is the best pitcher in baseball is already decided in the mind of Leyland.

"I don't see anybody better, he's the best. I've never seen anybody better," he said.