Despite struggles, Leyland sticks with lineup

Despite struggles, Leyland sticks with lineup

Despite struggles, Leyland sticks with lineup
MINNEAPOLIS -- It's no secret that the Tigers have struggled on offense this season, especially with two outs and runners on base. Even so, don't expect manager Jim Leyland to drastically alter his lineup, he is sticking with what he's got.

Leyland said it's time for the Detroit lineup to "sink or swim."

Despite his hitters' struggles at the plate this season, Leyland said people have to remember this is much the same lineup that produced 95 wins a season ago.

"There's nobody else. That's our team, I like our team," Leyland said. "We are racking our brain to try and get some offense going. There is no secret to it, the guys we've got have to produce."

Detroit's lack of offense reared its head most recently against Cleveland when the Tigers stranded 10 runners on base for three consecutive games.

One offensive piece missing from last year's team is Victor Martinez, who tore his anterior cruciate ligament during the offseason and will miss the 2012 season. Leyland said Martinez was a clutch hitter who produced some big hits last season.

"One thing we've missed this year is exactly what Victor did -- big two-out hits and knock in runs. He is a great two-out hitter. We haven't been getting that from anybody. I have to do better and the players have to do better," Leyland said.

Detroit is not the only team struggling at the plate this season according to Leyland. He said a lack of offense seems to be contagious throughout baseball in 2012.

"It's going around baseball pretty good," he said. "There are a lot of guys not hitting."