Leyland: Delmon unlikely to start Friday

Leyland: Delmon unlikely to start Friday

DETROIT -- Delmon Young will be back on the Tigers' active roster when he's eligible to return from his seven-day suspension, president/general manager Dave Dombrowski said Monday night, but he left the decision on whether Young plays to his manager. Jim Leyland's answer came Tuesday.

"He will not play Friday," Leyland said, "because he needs to get back into a routine a little bit -- get out on the field, taking fly balls, [batting practice] on the field, all that kind of stuff. So it's very unlikely he'd play Friday.

"Now, would I put him in the game if I needed to? Sure, but he won't start Friday's game. And that's the only reason, only because he needs to get back, get some BP, run around the outfield a little bit, stuff like that."

Asked when Young will start, Leyland said, "I think he'll be back in there very shortly."

Young hasn't taken batting practice on the field with the team or taken fly balls since last Thursday, the finale of the Tigers' last homestand. He spent Friday at a midtown Manhattan police station and later a Manhattan court being arraigned and eventually released on bail for his aggravated harassment charge. Once he was placed on Major League Baseball's restricted list, he wasn't seen around Yankee Stadium all weekend.

Young can't be in the clubhouse or on the field with the team during his suspension.