Bonderman scheduled for surgery

Bonderman scheduled for surgery

SAN FRANCISCO -- Tigers starter Jeremy Bonderman will undergo potentially season-ending surgery on June 30 to address the thoracic outlet syndrome that landed him on the disabled list a week and a half ago.

Dr. Greg Pearl, the specialist who operated on fellow Tigers pitcher Kenny Rogers for his circulatory problems in 2001 and 2007, examined Bonderman on Tuesday in Dallas. He confirmed the initial suspicions of Tigers medical officials that surgery would be necessary, and he'll perform the procedure.

No additional specifics were immediately available, including whether the surgery would involve removing a rib. That was the body part that was restricting the arteries in Rogers' throwing shoulder back in 2001, and it was also a possible cause for the same issues in Bonderman's shoulder. The Tigers will wait until after the surgery to give a timetable for how long Bonderman will miss, but it was initially expected that if surgery were needed, he would likely miss the rest of the season.

Team doctors diagnosed Bonderman with the condition on June 6 after he complained to team athletic trainers about a heavy shoulder. He underwent a thrombylosis that night to dissolve buildup in the artery, followed by an angioplasty the next day to clear it.

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