Peralta blames low throws on cool weather

Peralta blames low throws on cool weather

DETROIT -- Jhonny Peralta says his arm is fine, despite two throws in the dirt that first baseman Prince Fielder had to scoop for outs Thursday. Peralta's arm has never been a problem, and it was arguably a strong point of his defense in Cleveland.

Peralta blamed the cool weather for the throws, saying he had trouble getting a good grip on the ball as he readied to release the ball.

"I kind of didn't feel the ball that day too much," Peralta said.

To be fair, Peralta has played his entire Major League career in the Midwest between Cleveland and Detroit. Until last year, though, Peralta had a history of slow starts at the plate that could be cited partly to the spring cold. He went against the trend last year.

Defensively, Peralta made just seven errors in 608 total chances at shortstop last year, good for a .988 fielding percentage that ranked third in the league.