Neck spasms keep Boesch out of lineup

Neck spasms keep Boesch out of lineup

LAKELAND, Fla. -- For the second time this spring, Brennan Boesch was scratched from a start with spasms. At this point, though, the Tigers aren't concerned about a pattern.

Boesch was in the starting lineup for a split-squad game against the Mets on Sunday, when he came down with neck spasms. Minor Leaguer Michael Rockett replaced him in the lineup as the Tigers set Boesch up with treatment in hopes of getting him back into the lineup Monday against the Blue Jays.

"He said his [trapezius muscle] tightened up back there," manager Jim Leyland said. "We just had it worked on and sent him to some massage place or something to get it worked out."

Boesch missed a couple days earlier in camp with back problems.

Asked if he expects Boesch to play Monday, Leyland said, "I would think so."