Tigers' roster set barring 'pending' moves

Tigers' roster set barring 'pending' moves

Tigers' roster set barring 'pending' moves
LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- The Tigers had no roster moves to announce on Saturday, and they might not have any to announce Sunday, either. To hear manager Jim Leyland describe it, the decision-making process is pretty much done.

All that's left now is waiting on the roster process to play out.

"I know what my team is, pending," Leyland said.

Then he emphasized again, "Pending."

That pending part doesn't appear to be a trade. To the best of Leyland's knowledge, there are no trades imminent. He didn't rule out something happening in the next few days, deferring that business to team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski.

"What I'm telling you is that we don't definitely have any trades in place," Leyland said.

If the "pending" isn't a trade, it could be a few other moves, or it could be a process.

The Tigers don't have a lot of potential cuts who can't be sent down, but they have some potential key ones. Clete Thomas, for instance, is out of minor-league options. He's also in a battle with Andy Dirks and possibly others for the final positional spot on the Tigers roster.

Brandon Inge, for another example, would need to approve or decline a minor-league assignment if the Tigers tried to designate him for assignment.

"We're close," Leyland said. "I just learned a long time ago you have to be careful when you start cementing things too early, because I've been on teams that a guy was on the bus and the guy got called off the bus on the way to the airport."

The "pending" does not appear to be a disagreement among anybody in the organization.

"We're pretty much all on the same page," Leyland said. 

The Tigers aren't up against a deadline. Teams officially don't have to set their Opening Day rosters until 5 p.m. ET on Wednesday.