Boesch sore after BP home run

Boesch sore after BP home run

Boesch sore after BP home run
LAKELAND, Fla. -- The Tigers have put on their share of power displays during batting practice this spring. Brennan Boesch became the first casualty of one.

Boesch was scratched from Wednesday's Tigers starting lineup against the Mets with what was characterized as general soreness. But manager Jim Leyland's explanation of it was simple enough.

"He hit one up over the scoreboard [in batting practice] and just felt a little tweak," Leyland said Wednesday after the Tigers' 7-6 win over the Mets. "He's fine. He's just a little sore. I just didn't want to take any chances ... He'll probably be ready to play tomorrow."

Trying to keep up with Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder in BP might do that.

Leyland's explanation did enough to calm some nerves that grew out of the general soreness terminology, not to mention Boesch's early exit a couple days ago. Boesch said Monday afternoon that he was fine, and that he was a healthy exit early on that game.

That said, it's still something worth following. Boesch left the ballpark Wednesday before the clubhouse reopened.

With the game schedule in full swing, the Tigers are taking batting practice in the main stadium, not on the back fields. The timing of the gates opening means they have a crowd filing in around the tail end of batting practice. For those who feed off crowd reaction, it's a delight.

"They're bombing them," Leyland said. "People get in here around the time they're taking that last round [of swings]. He just felt a little twinge, and I got nervous about it. But he's fine."

Leyland did say later, though, that Boesch has been dealing with soreness in his lower back.

Between Wednesday's scratch, Monday's early exit and Sunday's rainout, Boesch has had one plate appearance over the last four days, and four plate appearances in six days. It isn't the ideal way to build up at-bats, though the Tigers have just under three weeks of Grapefruit League games left before they head north.