Garcia showing promise after intense winter

Garcia showing promise after intense winter

Garcia showing promise after intense winter
LAKELAND, Fla. -- Avisail Garcia could walk around the Tigers complex alongside Miguel Cabrera, and many would presume that he could be his little brother. And Cabrera might be the only person in camp who would make Garcia seem little. Even then, they looked like the same size when walking together.

The way that Garcia was hitting pitches on Friday morning, he shouldn't be labeled "little" standing to anyone.

After an offseason of workouts and winter ball, Garcia estimates that he's up near 245 pounds -- up from his previous weight of 235 -- much of which is muscle on his 6-foot-4 body. That strength hasn't manifested itself in his Minor League stats quite yet, but his raw power is impressive to watch.

"I feel good," he said. "I worked hard in Venezuela, in the academy in Valencia. I worked hard to lift and I took a little more practice."

It was enough to catch manager Jim Leyland's eye on Friday, when he put on a little bit of a show during batting practice.

"If you watched that young Garcia kid hit, you had to be pretty impressed," Leyland said. "But you try not to get carried away. He's a talent that's coming, and he's a big, young guy. He's only going to get stronger. He's got a lot of tools, and it's fun to watch him hit out there. But you don't get too carried away."

When told of Leyland's comments, Garcia smiled.

"I feel good," he said. "I work for that. I feel proud that he said that."