Verlander wraps up AL pitching Triple Crown

Verlander wraps up AL pitching Triple Crown

DETROIT -- The Tigers have to spend Tuesday and Wednesday night watching the Angels and Rangers to see whether they end up with the American League's second or third seed, opening at home or on the road. Justin Verlander won't have to watch Jered Weaver while he's doing it.

With the Angels out of AL Wild Card contention, they announced Tuesday that Weaver will not pitch Wednesday as scheduled, instead shut down to avoid raising the innings count. He will not pitch in relief, according to reports. That means Verlander will win the AL ERA title, completing the pitching Triple Crown.

Verlander's seven innings with five runs allowed last Saturday bumped his ERA to 2.40, but still kept him barely ahead of Weaver, whose ERA stayed at 2.41 after his final outing a day earlier.

Verlander, who also tops the league with 24 wins and 250 strikeouts, will become the first AL pitching Triple Crown winner since Johan Santana did it for the Twins in 2006. He's the first Tiger to do it since Hal Newhouser in 1945.

Verlander has said time and again he'll reflect on the personal statistics after the season. This will give him a little more to reflect on.