Guillen not sweating limited playing time

Guillen not sweating limited playing time

Guillen not sweating limited playing time
CLEVELAND -- Carlos Guillen was the Tigers' regular starter at second base when he was healthy this summer, but he has only started there once since coming back off the disabled list last week. Guillen isn't worried about it.

It might have been a question two years ago, but it isn't now. The way this team is going, Guillen is willing to help with whatever way it needs, and he doesn't want to disrupt what Detroit has going.

"It doesn't matter if I'm playing or not playing," Guillen said Tuesday afternoon. "It's about results. Whatever they need me to do, I'll be ready.

"With the chemistry and everything, [why risk it] because one player wants to play? No, I'm happy with the position we're in as a team, with the position I'm at as a player."

This might be Guillen's best, last chance to get back into the postseason. He's a free agent at year's end, and he can't be certain about his future. But he knows what he has now. He sees a confident team with a chance to win.

"It's a lot different," Guillen said. "You can see it in everybody's face when they get to the clubhouse. It's fun to be part of this team."

Ramon Santiago started at second base on Tuesday, and manager Jim Leyland said he'll start Will Rhymes at second on Wednesday afternoon to provide some fresh legs.