Verlander celebrates no-no with steak dinner

Verlander celebrates no-no with steak dinner

Verlander celebrates no-no with steak dinner
TORONTO -- Justin Verlander celebrated Saturday's no-hitter with dinner at a downtown steakhouse with some teammates -- and he picked up the tab.

"I had a great night," he said Sunday morning before the game against the Blue Jays. "We went to Barberians. It was fantastic."

Alex Avila, who was his catcher for the game, along with pitchers Rick Porcello and Max Scherzer, infielder Don Kelly, and the team's video man, Jeremy Kelch, were among the group.

"To be honest, the thing I'm going to remember is having dinner with those guys," Verlander said. "It was a pretty intimate setting, not a lot of guys, just a small group. It's probably the best dinner I've ever had. It was amplified by the evening."

Verlander had filet. "I'm a filet connoisseur," he said. "Some of the wine we were drinking that I was ordering, I don't think I could make those guys pay for that."

He called his mother on Saturday night, and again Sunday on Mother's Day.

He said his family was in Delaware watching his brother pitch for Old Dominion and went to dinner after while he was pitching the no-hitter.

"I don't know the whole story, I don't know if they told my Mom what was going on, but they didn't really talk about it," Verlander said. "They were watching on their phones, which had to be the most nerve-wracking thing, I couldn't imagine. I watched my brother pitch on the computer when I was at home in Florida, and it's nerve-wracking as [heck] because you can't tell what's going on until it pops up on the screen and it finally loads. I can't imagine watching a no-hitter on that thing."

Avila was not catching Sunday. He said Saturday was one of those nights he did not want to end. There was some applause in the restaurant when the players entered.

"Those times are the best, when you can just enjoy something like that, celebrate something as historical as a no-hitter with people you care about," Avila said. "It was a good time, a good meal. It was definitely the best steak and the best wine I've ever had."